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I'm an Mobile Applications Developer that has been working in the industry for over two years. I've worked on small teams at start-ups as well as larger teams within established companies in Toronto, Ontario. My goals while developing are to write clean code, always pursue above what is asked of myself, and to teach someone along the way. I work with native iOS development tools using the Objective-C language but also have created production ready NodeJS and Python(2) servers.

My other passions in life are my Christian faith, my beautiful wife Laura, and a great cup of coffee.

Native iOS Development

I've worked with native iOS development for over two years and I'm very knowledgable in the AVFoundation, UIKit, SQLite, Social, Core Graphics, and Core Animation frameworks. The type of projects I've worked on are: Social games, Major news networks, Sports apps, Video sharing apps, Custom game engines, and Weather apps.

Python Development

I started working with python, primarily the Flask micro framework, back in the summer of 2013 as that was the technology I chose to write the server component for Blips in. In the end I wrote a production ready server that powers a video sharing app by saving user information, pushing out notifications, and connecting users with one an other. I have roughly a year's experience with the language but I'm confident in my abilities so far.

NodeJS Development

I went to FITC in Toronto and attended a NodeJS panel as I was interested in the technology. The next week or so I was approached at work to develop a server component in NodeJS for a project we had. This turned into another server component and then another. I've worked on three projects ranging from small-medium in size and are all deployed servers. One of them was for a local start-up, AppSeed and powers their project sharing feature. The other two are for clients that we did Interactive Television Demos for.

Since leaving BitBlitz I've worked on very large projects for various Communications companies and even Goverment agencies, all utilizing the speed and efficiency of NodeJS. I'm currenty a Server Developer at a startup named Quiver Media where we are building a Location Based messaging platform and the backend is running NodeJS.


The collection of personal work that I'm most proud of.


iOS Development & Python Backend


iOS Development

Poetry Slam

iOS Development (Titanium SDK)


C Development (Pebble SDK)

AFRPG Game Engine

iOS Development

AFFNetworking Framework

iOS Development

Cloud Music

Future NodeJS project

Career Timeline

Where I've been, where I am.

  • 2010 - 2012

    Attending Humber College

    I attended Humber College in Toronto, Ontario and graduated from the Multimedia Design and Production Technician course. I was taught web development, basic app development, Photoshop and Illustrator skills, and how to work with Video and Audio files on the web.

  • December 2011

    Design Axiom

    I started out as an Actionscript 3 developer working on social Facebook games and a Yellow Pages Group AIR app. Soon after I was transitioned into an iOS developer working on porting those social games over to the iPad and doing different UI work on an app named Electratype.

  • May 2013


    I was the sole iOS developer at this small Toronto based startup but also headed the web development efforts. I worked closely with the backend team to ensure that the frontend product was superb and any bottlenecks or issues were ironed out.

  • September 2013


    I started at Digiflare after the summer at Wutzwhat because I felt I wasn't fully ready to head an entire startup team. I mostly worked on products for their client Bell Media. They included: CTV News GO, TSN GO, CP24 GO, and BNN GO.

  • April 2014

    Bitblitz Apps

    I came to Bitblitz, formerly known as Design Axiom, shortly after leaving Digiflare and right away I knew it was a perfect fit. I've worked on small->large scale projects for high-end clients, expanded my knowledge base to cover more advanced frontend web, and started using Node for backend components. Some of the work I have done includes: AppSeed's iphone app and backend, Electratype updates, and Interactive Tv Demos for a major client of ours.

  • January 2015


    I wasn't always full-time at Publicis, I actually started as a freelance developer. I was a consultant on an iOS app after being referred by a friend to the company. After that project being such a success Publicis approached me about working on other projects. I then was hired full-time as a Full-Stack Developer that specializes in Native Mobile Development.

  • October 2015

    Quiver Media Inc.

    I joined Quiver Media as a Server Developer. It was my first NodeJs/Server development dedicated position but I was brining over a years worth of knowledge that I had gained from working on an array of small-massive projects at Publicis/Nurun. The two key pieces of knowledge that I bring to the table are developing at scale and developing for the future utilizing modern Javascript techniques.

  • The

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